It has been created with the concept that embodies a shape that is easy to understand, is about to move, is massive feeling of volume and is like robust shell protecting its passengers.


Our new N Series trucks are an impressive combination of clean yet more powerful and fuel efficient engines, outstanding safety features and intelligent design, delivered in an inspired package.


The new F Series trucks continue this tradition, and build upon the qualities of their predecessors, it truly has re-defined the next generation of trucks.


The Trucks of the Future have arrived! Economical in terms of fuel consumption. Variety of rear body applications. Surely, your perfect partner.


Proven reability in the commercial boat industry. Running cost advantages and clean emissions by ISUZU diesel technologies derived from its automotive engines.

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The ultimate multi-purpose pick-up truck, will enhance your lifestyle in more ways than one. Much like a tri-athlete who can run, swim and bike, the ISUZU D-MAX will enable you to drive through tough roads, load a variety of cargo and tow heavy leisure equipments like speedboat and horse carriers. No matter what activity you have set your mind into, the ISUZU D-MAX will take it to the limit.

Isuzu Motors Limited is committed to tackle global environmental pollution as its most critical management issue. In particular, the company is putting its efforts into the development of clean diesel engines.
Invented more than a century ago, the diesel engine is an extremely flexible internal combustion system that has long been an indispensible power source for use in a wide variety of applications ranging from cars, trucks, trains and ships to various industrial machinery. In line with its growing popularity, however, diesel engine technology has presented its manufacturers with difficulties to achieve progressively cleaner exhaust gas emissions.
Isuzu is developing low-pollution vehicles using alternative energy sources or hybrid systems to reduce emissions. Such vehicles are not only a vital step toward achieving lower emissions of pollutants, they will also contribute to the more effective utilization of limited resources.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles

The CNG-powered engines emit very low NOx carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) and virtually no particulate matter (PM) at all. Another characteristic of natural gas, of which the main constituent gas is methane, is that it produces very little CO. 2 Isuzu produces three-way catalytic converter-equipped CNG vehicles that achieve an excellent low-pollution emission performance.
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